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Bobibi's Server
address: howarddj.fr port:30000
It's a small world to survive in. Points system.
20/Nov/2023Unified inventory disabled.
address: howarddj.fr port:30001
Start with an axe, endure and survive. Hang gliders, farming, become a lumberjack...
06/Oct/2023Admin has removed the tubelib mod_storage file. This may affect running of your already existing machines!
05/Oct/2023Thought to be problem with [tubelib] mod_storage file...
02/Oct/2023areas allowed to protect, increased.
02/Oct/2023[tubelib] problem... [tubelib] tempory disabled. Do not dig/break your tubelib setup! Effort is being made to bring it back!
Void Land
address: howarddj.fr port:30056
A flat map with no biomes. Search for Bob's ore to make Bob Coins and buy blocks to build your world.
27/Sep/2023mapserver stopped :(
address: howarddj.fr port:30046
Welcome to SkyLands, live in the sky and grow trees.