Minetest test test test!

address: howarddj.fr port:30000
Start with an axe, endure and survive. Hang gliders, farming, become a lumberjack...
Bobibi's Server
address: howarddj.fr port:30001
Whitelisted players only. It's a small world to survive in. Points system.
Void Land
address: howarddj.fr port:30002
A flat map with no biomes. Search for Bob's ore to make Bob Coins and buy blocks to build your world.
BobEB's Sky Party
address: howarddj.fr port:30003
Whitelisted players only. Come and party with us! :) <3 ;)

Contact: Minetest: bobibi (at) howarddj (dot) fr , Webmaster: rob (at) howarddj (dot) fr